Monster Solutions Assistant Branch Manager - Lac La Biche

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Thu, 03/15/2018
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Helping Albertans achieve their dreams by turning the complex world of banking into brilliantly simple solutions. That’s ATB. Is that you? 

Helping Albertans achieve their dreams by turning the complex world of banking into brilliantly simple solutions. That's ATB. Is that you?

Coach of the Year. Magnificent Mentor. Visionary. Motivator. Team Player. Whether at work or out in your community, you are the person that knows how to bring it all together. You're a natural leader and your passion and excitement comes from knowing that your efforts make a significant difference in the lives of your team members, customers and the community around you.

At ATB, thinking outside the box is what we do best. As an Assistant Branch Manager, you will bridge the gap between sales and service while remaining accountable for the execution and sustainment of risk and compliance controls within the branch. Successful candidates will collaborate with the Branch Manager and use their experience to cultivate exceptional customer experiences and build market share. You would contribute to ATB's success by creating long-term value for our customers, our people, our shareholders and the wider community.

Finally, you get to shake things up and make your branch THE place to work by leading and developing a team of performance driven associates to individual and team success. Just like a ship, every captain needs a first mate - and that is you! The ideal candidate strives for excellence, is a natural motivator, and a spontaneous positive risk-taker.

OK, I'm interested...But is it really the job for me?

There is a clear promotion structure within ATB Retail Financial Services. From Assistant Branch Manager you can move on to a variety of roles within the organization. At ATB we want you to work and live where you want to and maximize the amount of control you have over your own career and income.

You will find success in this role by:

  • Coaching the development of skills and confidence to create a performance driven environment where your team has the knowledge and expertise to identify customer needs and generate quality leads.
  • Consistently improving branch revenues and profitability.
  • Managing risk to enhance long term business growth.
  • Developing plans to actively grow and retain the customer base within your branch.
  • Addressing customer feedback in a timely manner.
  • Hiring and recruiting the right DNA while being able to hand-pick talent.
  • Leading, coaching and developing your team to be productive, knowledgeable and in charge of their careers.
  • Building yourself as the center of influence in your community and a local advocate for customer service and business practices.
  • Having fun while becoming a credible expert within your team.

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