For The First Time In A Long Time, Training And...

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Mon, 03/12/2018
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For the first time in a long time, training and lesson spaces are now available at Dave Rhea Training Center in Aubrey, TX!

For more information on rates and spaces available, please contact Dave Rhea at 940.391.0850 or email at

Dave is a master horseman who has been successfully training for the public for nearly 50 years in a variety of disciplines: dressage, to western pleasure, English pleasure to Arabian race horses, and virtually everything in between. After winning his first National Championship in 1974, and training with Walter Chapman of The Black Stallion fame, Dave continued to make his name showing and breeding Arabians for well over 30 years. He has since expanded his operation to include a variety of breeds, such as Arabians, Warmbloods, Andalusians, Morgans, Quarter Horses and a number of others.

Dave’s bank of knowledge is vast, and his focus is on helping both the horse and rider be successful, together. Much of his training is based in dressage principles, and his motto is “it’s not rocket science”. Dave values an uncomplicated approach to horsemanship for both his training and instruction and works hard to set both horse and rider up to find the right answer. His goal is to have a horse that enjoys their job and a rider that feels comfortable and confident on their mount.

All breeds, skill levels, and disciplines are welcome at DRTC! Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, reasonable rates, and learning from an internationally known horseman who WANTS his clients involved.

For more information on rates and spaces available, please contact Dave Rhea at 940.391.4609 or email at

Client Testimonials:

“When I met Dave, Reba had no brakes and two speeds, fast and faster. He worked with her for a couple of months before he began working with her and I together. He is all about the safety of the clients, as well as the horse. She is a day and night different horse since she has been with him. She learned to trust him, discovered she had brakes, and it was okay to walk, jog, and lope. Reba and I continue to grow everyday with what we learn from Dave. He was not the first trainer to work with her, but he will be the last”.

“Dave has helped me and my horse get over some huge confidence issues. We have gone from being tense all the time and strictly arena riding to now riding the trails at Ray Roberts and open fields and having a wonderful time. This is truly a dream come true for me!! No matter what the issue might be, Dave seems to know just how to correct it.”

“To ride with Dave is not dramatic. It is not flashy. It is a joy to watch and feel my relationship with my horse grow and become something I never could have imagined.
Dave's gift is not teaching. It is simply an ability on his part to instill confidence and impart his knowledge, experience and instinct on a horse and it's rider of any level.” Read Less

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