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Express Entry Program is one of the best pathways for Canadian Immigration with Permanent Resident Visa. A new and transparent program introduced by IRCC, this system is used to nominate skilled and deserving immigrants through a point based CRS i.e. Comprehensive Ranking System.

Express Entry offers these three Federal economic immigration programs:-
• Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
• Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP
• Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Benefits of Canada Express Entry Program
• Express Entry is user friendly and accessible. It is an end-to-end electronic system with a processing time is six months or less.
• Express Entry connects the potential candidates with the Canadian employers through a Job Bank for direct recruitment prior to their immigration.
• Express Entry used by Provinces to find suitable candidates fulfilling their labour market need through PNP program ensures economic growth.
• Candidates that come under the Express Entry Pool have a greater chance of successful immigration by promoting themselves directly to the Canadian employers.


Canada has been the most preferable country for Indians to migrate for study, living, working, investing from the past decades. Due to its open, accepting and welcoming nature every year, thousands of Indians settled in Canada for the betterment of their life. The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) enable Canadian regions and territories to select people who wish to move to Canada and who are keen on settling in a specific province.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Categories
These programs depend upon the labour market conditions prevailing in each of the following provinces.

• Alberta PNP program
• British Columbia PNP
• Manitoba PNP
• New Brunswick PNP
• Nova Scotia PNP
• Prince Edward Island Nomination Program
• Ontario PNP
• Saskatchewan PNP

Each territory has different eligibility criteria. You can consult the Canada High Commission in this regards or contact us before choosing any above territory for Canada immigration.

Apply to a PNP directly: If you have planned or chosen a province then you can easily apply for that province. Below are the steps to apply for a province:

• Select a provincial PNP program
• Fulfill the eligibility criteria and fill the form
• Get selected/nominated from that province
• Receive a Nomination letter
• Apply for permanent residency status in Canada to CIC.

You can apply for a PNP Visa from India very easily via express entry or directly apply to PNP Program. If you are an Indian and want to apply in PNP program for Canadian Immigration, there is province waiting for you. You can have your Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Card within months, you just need to fill our ‘Free Assessment Form’ and start the immigration process. Provinces have Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) by which they nominates potential skilled worker, international students and business professionals to fulfill their need local labor market and economy.


If you are living and working in Canada and missing your family member who are staying in home country, but you want to bring them in Canada then Canadian government has created many ways to bring them. If you are a sponsor then you will be responsible to support them financially when they arrive.

An eligible Canadian permanent resident or citizen may sponsor family members or close relatives and settle them in Canada. Your sponsored relatives can enjoy the benefits of Canada like; they can study, live and work in Canada. Also, if eligible they may also apply for permanent residency status.

Eligible Relationships Accepted By Canada for Sponsorship:
• Spouse
• Common Law partner
• Conjugal Partner
• Dependent Children
• Parents and Grandparents
• Your brothers, sisters and other family members

To become sponsor, you should be:
• Your age must be of or older than 18.
• You are living in Canada as permanent resident or citizen.
• You along with your sponsored relative must sign a sponsorship agreement, in which you commit that you will support him/her or them financially.
• If the sponsor resides in Quebec, then he/she need to meet Quebec’s immigration sponsorship requirement, after Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) accepts you as a sponsor.

Canada Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Super Visa

As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you have the right to sponsor your parents and grandparents. You must prove the relationship to your parents and grandparents to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who want to obtain temporary residence to visit their close relatives may apply for extended visitors’ visas known as Super Visas.
Super Visa can be renewed for multiple times and can live for 2 years from the date of visa issued without any renewal. The parent or grandparent can live maximum up to 10 years. This is extremely beneficial since a normal tourist (visitor) visa allows the applicant to stay for a maximum 6 months per visit. Your sponsored parent or grandparent will not have rights of working in Canada.

The advantage of Parents and Grandparents Super Visa is its relatively short processing time of approximately 8-weeks.

Eligibility Criteria for Super Visa
The sponsor and parent or grandparent both have to meet with the required eligibility criteria. Only parents or grandparents, together with their spouses or common-law partners, may be included on an application for the Super Visa.
to be sponsor:

• As a sponsor you must be a child or grandchild of sponsored person
• You must sign a commitment agreement that you will support them financially during their stay in Canada
• You must meet with the minimum income threshold designed for the Super Visa

To be Sponsored Parent or Grandparent:
• You are a parent or grandparent of a valid Canadian permanent resident or citizen
• You are admissible to Canada
• Be physically and mentally fit
• You prove to visa officer that you have house, other funds of your own after coming back from Canada
• Able to clear the medical exam
• You have a Canadian medical insurance coverage of at least one year during your stay
• Having a good moral character

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